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TAPWORK makes apps for iOS, Android and the web

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TAPWORK makes mobile apps for iOS, Android and the web. Since 2009 we conceive, design and develop always with the focus on intuitive usability, clean design and perfect development. TAPWORK is not only a developer company. We implement the early ideas to the final product.

Christian Menschel

CEO, iOS Developer

Since I developed my first iOS App “NEWSLOKAL”, which was one of the most successful apps in 2010, I am addicted making iOS apps. When I’m not enjoying Xcode for a minute, I go to concerts, support Hannover 96 games or cycle with my road bike.

Sebastian Müller

Visual Designer

Since 2009 I create screen designs, user experience concepts, interface designs, front-end developing and the branding for numerous apps and web projects as well for own ideas. Besides that I celebrate my music addiction, play drums and watch movies.

Henner Wöhler

Interaction Developer

I like creating stuff with code. The particular technology doesn’t matter much to me as long as it helps me getting things done. Currently I see the most potential in web based technologies though. When i don’t create code I most likely maintain my music playlists and reading list, try out made up recipes or change diapers (my daughter’s, not my own).

Manuel Carrasco Molina

Apple Platform Developer

I started programming with my C64 at age 11 in 1987 and entered professional software development in 1997. I founded the first French podcast about Apple in 2005 and dove into iOS development at the launch of the SDK in 2008. I organized from 2012 to 2017 which I left in good hands at my previous employer. When I am not developing for the Apple Platforms I am an involved activist and local politician (4 years at the city council) in the matters of environment (Hambach Forest) and refugees.

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